Conflicting answers from the BYOD IMEI checker - what's up?


    I've run 2 different T-Mobile branded smart phones through the system recently, and in both cases I get a huge message that the phone isn't compatible with the T-Mobile system and that I need to buy a new phone.  But when I shut that page down, I see that the IMEI checker says "Congratulations!" and tells me that the phone IS compatible.  Now and then, I get a chat prompt when that happens, and when I use chat, I get different answers from different staff - about the same phone and IMEI.


    Do I trust the message and staff telling me that the phone is fine, or do I dump the phone because of the message that the phone ISN'T compatible?  And why the different answers?  Is T-Mobile just trying to get me to buy a new phone from them, or is there an issue with the phones (older models) only sort-of working?

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