OnePlus MMS problems


    Is anyone else having problems sending MMS (mostly photos via text) over wifi on OnePlus devices. I have tried a OnePlus 5 and a OnePlus 6, and neither will send MMS over wifi, even when WiFi Calling is enabled and working, and wifi preferred is set. Have tried with both stock and 3rd party apps. Have tried my SIM card in an iPhone with no issue. Have also tried another person's SIM card in my phone and experienced same problem so definitely related to OnePlus devices.


    Have checked APN settings found on TMo website. Have even done factory reset. Have called TMo to have my phone/SIM reprovisioned. Tried literally everything.


    I know that this is the issue because I can get MMS to send in locations with wifi and cell data, but in places with wifi and without a good cell connection, it won't send. Have tested extensively.


    I know that non-TMo phones tend to have such issues but I'm hoping someone will have a solution.

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: OnePlus MMS problems

        Unfortunately we don't have a known work around for this particular unlocked device. But I think you are probably right in your guess it is at least in part to do with the fact it is an unlocked phone.


        I'm sorry I don't have a better solution to offer.



          • elight5679727

            Re: OnePlus MMS problems

            Hi Lauren,


            I am also in touch with OnePlus. This is not related to an unlocked

            bootloader. The issue also occurred on a brand new OnePlus 6 device that

            was fully stock. Here is their most recent response to me:


            Based on your MMS concern, this is definitely related to the carrier as the

            Multimedia Messaging Service feature on the OnePlus devices are already

            compliant to its standard services. Some carriers may need to update such

            settings on their end in order of it to function accordingly or if it needs

            to be activated to work in a specific access point. This is mainly based on

            carrier support but we'll definitely take note of this so that it will be

            looked into in the future.


            So, they are saying that the issue is carrier-related and not phone/OS

            related. Is it possible to pass this issue to a technical team for them to

            look at? Oneplus is selling more and more devices in the US and I would

            think that this would be a big issue for their users on T-Mobile.

              • tmo_chris

                Re: OnePlus MMS problems

                Thanks for getting back with us. Wi-Fi calling on non T-Mobile phones is tricky because the manufactures say it should work but since we never sold the device, we did not have the chance to verify and tweak the software to work with our Wi-Fi calling service. It is possible that some aspects of Wi-Fi calling will function but we cannot guarantee the full functionality of non T-Mobile devices.

                  • vin2851

                    Re: OnePlus MMS problems

                    I have a new Oneplus 6 and everything worked out fine. Just switched out the sim card.

                      • elight5679727

                        Re: OnePlus MMS problems

                        Have you tested sending an MMS message in a location where do you not have

                        mobile data (somewhere with a very weak or no signal, or by turning off

                        mobile data but leaving wifi on)?

                          • vin2851

                            Re: OnePlus MMS problems

                            No. Not yet. Just got my phone on Monday. Still tweaking the settings.

                              • kartboarder22g

                                Re: OnePlus MMS problems

                                I just turned my airplane mode on and kept wifi on and was able to call my cell phone from my office phone and texted my folks and received a text back.  So its working here in Minnesota.  I'm having other issues like on my past weekend trip to door county going across Wisconsin I lost data midway to greenbay basically, yet got data in greenbay and once heading up the doorcounty peninsula away from Greenbay lost service for the rest of the weekend.  Yet my Wife's Iphone 7 had service here and there.  I believe it is due to my settings here:  BYOD T-Mobile data & APN settings


                                This is what it is suppose to be:

                                • APN Protocol: IPv4/IPv6
                                • APN roaming protocol: IPv4/IPv6 or IPv4 only when roaming internationally

                                Mine are set at this:

                                • APN Protocol: IPv6
                                • APN roaming protocol: IPv4


                                Plan right now is to modify my settings to match the recommended.  The IPv4 seems to be the one that might be causing me some trouble, at least the way I'm thinking about it.

                                  • elight5679727

                                    Re: OnePlus MMS problems

                                    I have no problem with WiFi calling or WiFi SMS. The issue is only with MMS

                                    (that is, sending photos/video/group chats via text), which do not seem to

                                    go through the VoWiFi connection, even when VoWiFi calling and SMS is



                                    I saw the news that the OnePlus 6T will be T-Mobile certified, so maybe

                                    this issue will be addressed when that happens, and the fix pushed out to

                                    older devices as well, as it almost certainly appears to be a software

                                    issue with OxygenOS.


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                                      • kartboarder22g

                                        Re: OnePlus MMS problems

                                        Oh ok, I suppose I can try that too to see if I have an issue with that, I will say I had an HTC one m8 as my last phone and I basically took my sim card out of that phone and threw it into my one plus 6.  Why that matters is I just got back from a trip to Norway and wifi was my main use of communication in Norway, using the HTC.  When I was copied on photo text messsages from my Wife the photos never came through to my device.  So again, I'm thinking maybe my settings I posted above might have carried over on the Sim and they are allowing this either way I'll do a quick check and find out.

                                        • kartboarder22g

                                          Re: OnePlus MMS problems

                                          Alright I just went airplane mode again, and turned on wifi, then sent a photo text to my Wife asked for a reply that she got it and she responded yes she got the photo.  Everything seems to be working smoothly here, if I understood what you were asking.  Again need to mess around with my phone to avoid roaming as I think again it is APv4 that is giving me issues, I hope.

                                            • elight5679727

                                              Re: OnePlus MMS problems

                                              OK, do me a favor and try one more thing. Because sometimes I can get it to

                                              work when I go on airplane mode and re-enable wifi manually (this sort of

                                              forces it to use wifi since the mobile connection is inactive). Where I

                                              have trouble is where I have a very weak mobile data signal (such as in my

                                              house). VoWifi is working and enabled, but it seems to be giving priority

                                              to the mobile data signal (which is so weak it cannot be effectively used)

                                              instead of the wifi connection. If I move to the other side of the house

                                              that gets a stronger cell signal, the MMS will go through.


                                              So, if you have a location where you have a very weak signal, can you try

                                              again with mobile data ON?


                                              It seems to me that the issue is that, with MMS, if mobile data is on, it

                                              will always try to send via mobile data regardless of your VoWifi settings

                                              (even if "VoWifi preferred" is enabled).


                                              On Wed, Aug 22, 2018 at 1:24 PM kartboarder22g <>

                                                • kartboarder22g

                                                  Re: OnePlus MMS problems

                                                  Yes I can try, but I only know two places where I tend to have cell issues and those are my Mother-inlaws house and my folks house.  Granted though, I had bad reception in those areas with my HTC One M8.  So, I have many more bands on the One Plus 6 so I don't know how it will behave at these locations I have mentioned.  Plus I don't go to these locations too often, so it will be a while before I can get you a response.  I will try if I happen to stumble along the situation.  If it works for you, it may be airplane mode is your only option when sending those types of texts.  In Android 4.0 on my HTC I know you could configure the mobile data to be used when wifi was weaker, or maybe it was the other way.  I know I played with this idea, but found that it would tend to jump to mobile data too easily, really wanted it so when I leave my house or work which both have wifi, it would allow my google maps to update via mobile data as the wifi signal was pretty weak or going out as I was backing out of my garage/driveway and google maps was trying to update data yet the phone was trying to do it through a weakening wifi connection.  Don't think they have this option anymore though in Android 6....don't really blame them though as I want to save mobile data as much as possible.

                              • seandevoy

                                Re: OnePlus MMS problems

                                Thanks for the simple (and somewhat obvious) solution, that never occurred to me.  Airplane mode with WiFi back on ROCKS.  Cell signal is terrible in this house.

                                • syaoran

                                  Re: OnePlus MMS problems

                                  I don't have any issues with the OnePlus 7 Pro from T-Mobile GM1915 or the OnePlus 7 Pro International GM1917 with MMS over WiFi on T-Mobile.  What firmware version are you running?  If you are using the Android 10 Stable, there are a lot more issues with that than people seem to be aware of.  My International is on 9.5.11 and my T-Mobile one is on 9.5.10.  Neither are rooted, no TWRP. my bootloaders are locked, and I am using the default texting app that comes with Oxygen OS.