Can't make/receive call since ported the number


    Greetings! Hope someone can help me here.


    I can't make /receive any call since ported the number but data and text are working fine. Before ported the number, there is no issue at all w/ the new number assigned to me by T-Mobile.


    Each time I make call to any number, I get a male voice saying 'you are not able to make calls at this time...'.  The only number I am able to call successfully is T-mobile support number(8009378997).


    I have contacted chat support, phone support, port number support quite a few of times, every time, they just did something, the call will be working for a couple of hours, then doesn't work again.


    I have switched to other two different phones(iphone 6s and nextus 6) but get the same issue.


    Before I call the support line again, just check if anyone had the same issue and how to solve it eventually.


    Thanks for your help, I appreciate it

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