IMS service has stopped on Galaxy J7


    My Galaxy J7 is giving me this message every couple of minutes, lagging, failing to send messages, etc. I wiped the cache partition, deleted most of my text messages, rebooted in safe mode (didn't fix it), recharging to 100$, updating all my apps, confirming that my phone software is up to date, and visiting the local T-Mobile store where it was suggested that I might want to get a new phone because this one might have a virus. Which I don't believe. I think the next step is a factory re-set, but would I lose anything important by doing that? Any other suggestions?

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      • melisite

        Re: IMS service has stopped on Galaxy J7

        I tried another fix and it worked!

        Google / Google settings / Instant apps / Turn off Instant apps


        No more "IMS Services has stopped" messages, no more lags, no more failing to send messages!!!

        Instant apps are apps that you can open before requiring installation. I wasn't aware that I had any instant apps on my phone.

        My experience at the T-Mobile store reminded me to never visit the T-Mobile store for help with a phone problem. Inevitably I am advised to buy a new phone.

        • tmo_amanda

          Re: IMS service has stopped on Galaxy J7

          Hey, melisite!


          Thanks for sharing what worked. "Instant apps" - never would've guessed that was the culprit! I also appreciate your feedback on troubleshooting in the store. While it shouldn't be like this, we are working to improve in-store experiences which include training our store reps on tech support.

          • magenta6357803

            Re: IMS service has stopped on Galaxy J7

            IMS service message stopped after going to:


            General Management

            click reset

            click reset settings

            click reset network settings

            • c86freak

              Re: IMS service has stopped on Galaxy J7

              I had the same recurrent error message and unsuccessfully tried every tip until I found one that suggested I check 'device management' under 'settings'.  When I checked this, I found that one of my old/no longer used email apps was flagged as 'crashing' and messing up my phone.  I tapped on this message and it was fixed automatically.  No more annoying error message.  Hope this helps.