3rd Party Singal Booster Frequency Question


    Is 1900Mhz the only band used in my area for the LTE service?  It's Marshall NC 28753, and AFAIK, there is only one t-mobile tower in town.


    Additional Info: I've been using the personal cell spot since we moved here to boost my signal, but because I can only get one "bar" on the window unit, I get only very little range from the Coverage unit.  I'm shopping for a 3rd Party booster with an outdoor directional antenna, and multiple indoor antennas.  I've gotten conflicting frequency info from t-Mobile and some 3rd party booster suppliers, so I'm looking for a rock solid answer.   Thanks!

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      • drnewcomb2

        According to information on Cellmapper.net, the nearby tower out on US-70/25 has bands 2 & 4 (PCS & AWS).  Do you have Internet service at home (e.g. DSL, cable, etc)? If so you might benefit from either using WiFi Calling or a CellSpot femto-cell.


        Update: T-Mobile does not have a 700 MHz license in Madison Co and it appears that there are at least two TV stations that would need to be rechanneled before they can use their 600 MHz license there.