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Re: Phone locked


    This happened to me too... I bought a Verizon iPhone X (unlocked) for full retail at Best Buy. Inserted my SIM and it was locked to T-Mobile's network


    I've wasted over 10 hours between talking with escalated T-Mobile support, Apple support, and Verizon support. No party can offer me a remedy except point fingers at each other.

    I ended up sending a legal letter to the T-Mobile Wireless Legal department only to get back A BILL for what I owe and nothing else.


    Just called the number for customer service and spoke with T-Mobile. Again they said that there's nothing they can do about the unlock, after 40 mins...


    The "US Reseller Flex Policy 4000" locked my phone to their network and their system cannot unlock it.... whoever set up this policy is to blame. And I blame T-Mobile the most between T-Mobile, Best Buy, Apple, and Verizon right now


    They said they could not provide any contact to their legal department except an address...


    T-Mobile Wireless Legal Department

    12920 SE 38 St.

    Bellevue, WA 98006-1350


    Same address that I mailed my original letter too....


    Here's the letter:


    Please be advised that Mr. Brendan Hsu has recently consulted with our office regarding his phone you


    Specifically, Mr. Hsu informs us that he originally purchased a Verizon (factory unlocked) iPhone X from

    Best Buy for the very specific purpose of having it as an unlocked phone so he would be able to use it with

    any carrier. However, without his permission, consent, or approval, you locked Mr. Hsu's iPhone to your

    network. Mr. Hsu has since repeatedly tried to work with you and Apple, Inc to unlock his phone and he

    has invested over 10 hours of his time to resolve this matter but to no avail. All attempts to unlock Mr.

    Hsu's iPhone has failed and he has waited over 4 months without a solution. To date, you have not offered

    a solution to this problem which you caused. This is highly unacceptable to Mr. Hsu as he plans to travel

    abroad this summer and needs his phone unlocked. Therefore, at this time, in order to avoid further legal

    action, Mr. Hsu hereby demands that you immediately replace his phone with a with factory unlocked

    iPhone X 256gb (that works with CDMA/GSM networks), or, in the alternative, reimburse him $1,149.00

    plus tax, which Mr. Hsu asserts is the value of his phone.

    This is a formal demand on behalf of Mr. Hsu that T-Mobile Wireless investigate the facts and

    circumstances surrounding this matter and provide him with an appropriate response to his concerns. Such

    a response must include your compliance with one of his aforementioned demand.

    Mr. Hsu has been made fully aware of his rights and your obligations/potential liabilities

    under the law. Please respond to us in writing within ten (10) business days of this letter. Please feel free

    to email us at LA@PARKSTAN.COM and be sure to include our above-referenced file number of 4034495

    in the subject line of your email. Your prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.


    They replied with my monthly bill...

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