Can only use International High speed 10 day data pass once per billing cycle?




    I bought one International high speed 10 day data pass last month.  After the 10 days are over, I am trying to buy another one, but there is no longer any option under the Data section for it (but that was where it was before).


    I called support and they were not sure either.  Finally they said it might be that I can only use one data pass per billing cycle, and that I would have to use a daily pass multiple times instead.


    I did some searching, and I don't see anywhere any confirmation that I can only use one data pass per billing cycle.  Even if I bought a daily pass, would that mean I can only use it once too? That does not make sense.


    Can someone please confirm if this is accurate?  Maybe there is something else wrong which I can get resolved so I can use the high speed data on my trip?



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