Connection CONSTANTLY dropping off in sacramento


    I have an iPhone 8 in the Sacramento area and I signed up for T-Mobile in April. I am constantly losing connection on my phone in areas where I will have full bars for about five minutes and then connection and bars drop off instantly. I have to turn my phone into airplane mode at least 20 times a day just to maintain connection. I have an iphone 8. The connection is never stable and speed tests ive done show around 20mbps and then will drop to 100 or so bps if it can even connect at all. What am I paying for? It had been going on like this since I started my service in april and if it continues then I am definitely leaving this carrier and recommending to anyone in spitting range that they do not do business with tmobile. This is all over the sacramento area by the way, not in just one spot.98D49585-8010-4498-883A-9DBD9D011B84.png

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