Does having One Plus or One International immprove the ISP wifi of the home/work network even when not turned on?


    So I have begun to work the night shift (2pm to 11pm) at my job at a different location and I noticed that the WiFi for their ISP is not as good as my home WiFi or any other business' WiFi.  This was the main reason I wanted to get a USB Internet Stick for my laptop as I tend to watch a lot of streaming live sporting events at night and I could not with the current WiFI connectivity; it would pause so often and have bad viewing quality that one couldn't enjoy watching a game.


    However, when I went to a T-Mobile store, they told me that I would paying "an arm and a leg" for a portable hot spot in order to accomplish what I was looking for.  So, they told me that a better option would be to upgrade my monthly data plan from T-Mobile One to T-Mobile One International so I can use my phone an unlimited 4G LTE hot spot so that my laptop could connect to it and be able to stream live sporting event at a high quality level.


    So, when I got to work this afternoon, I noticed something drastically different.  Even though both my cell phone and laptop were connect to my job's WiFi, the streaming got incredibly better as there is little to no pause and the viewing quality is acceptable; not HD quality but acceptable.  So my question is this: Is this just a coincidence and will my job's WiFi return to be constantly below average at best.  Or by somehow having the One International Data Plan, did it actually improved my job's WiFi as well?  I mean, it's all connected in some way, although minimal, right?


    Bottom line is that, if it was just all a coincidence (and having One International has not affect my job's WiFi performance) but, however, my job's WiFi continues to be working much better than before, then there's no need for me to continue to pay $25 plus extra and I should return to T-Mobile One.  Please advise.

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