Slowness spikes


    I had this HD streaming issue over 2 months and they have replaced my sim card, phone, reset my account, reset connection and everything did not work and i finally turned off hd streaming feature for about 2 weeks and turn it back on to make it work again. They did not find out why it didn't work and at the end i had to try something else on my own to get what i paid for...


    Now i am having another issue that slow internet speed spikes on my phone. I have tested with speedtest app to see if slow internet spikes or not. As you can see on the picture below i have tested this on 8/3 i test the speed in every min. and as you can see the result shows i actually have slowness spikes. I have addressed this issue and yet they do not have any solution nor fixed notification on me. I wonder what they experimenting with network while i am getting the right service what i paid for.


    Does anyone have the same issue?


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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Slowness spikes

        Thanks for posting to our community! Some of those speeds are definitely below the typical LTE speeds but a majority of they are within the range .


        Download speeds: Typically between 7 – 40 Mbps, with peaks up to 90 Mbps and minimum expected speeds of less than 0.1 Mbps

        Upload speeds: Typically between 4 – 20 Mbps, with peaks up to 35 Mbps and minimum expected speeds of less than 0.1 Mbps


        With these kinds of spikes, it is possibly a network congestion type of issue. We can look into this area for you if you contact us so our tech care folks can gather some of the more specific account details.

          • dseonu

            Re: Slowness spikes

            I wonder if you guys resolved this issue. And yet i see that it has not... Spikes are still there and i do not get what i have paid for. Also you guys should stop advertising the fastest internet because i could not do simple video call with my parents who also live in US and use t-mobile. 4G unlimited and i can't even do video call that actually featured on the phone i didn't even used other app. During 3 mins of video call i had about 5 secs of good video quality that actually didn't crashed quality and graphics. Am i the only one suffering with this network issue? If so, i would like to know if i am not worthy enough in your perspective. I am getting tired of this whole troubles i am going through with t-mobile

          • magenta5805266

            Re: Slowness spikes