When will the call duration extend?


    I talk to my partner and my friends for more than 4 hours, and its very annoying on both sides of the parties (especially in a group call) when the call ends and to call back multiple times. Will there ever be an option to extend for those who talk on the phone more than 4 hours?

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: When will the call duration extend?

        Hey grrchu


        At this time, the limit is 4 hours and is by design. We do not currently have any plans to extend this time frame as its main reason for implementation was to reduce network congestion in the event of unnecessary/accidental calls not being released from the network.


        If you and your friends have unlimited data plans or are in a location with Wi-Fi, you might benefit from some other 3rd party VOIP calling services like Google Hangouts, Skype, Facebook messenger. My friends and I use Discord which has an always open voice channel and users can stay connected to it as long as they want. It's as a downloadable PC/MAC app, browser based, or as a mobile app that can be downloaded on Android and iOS. You can also have text only channels if you want to keep the convo going after folks have left the voice channel.

          • grrchu

            Re: When will the call duration extend?

            The thing is, we hate using anything else because everything else something

            always goes wrong. Skype uses too much space and doesnt work half of the

            time, Messenger is very buggy and we can't hear each other half of the

            time, ect. We dont want to install an app just to call when we do the exact

            same thing with our numbers. Me and my partner like to record our calls for

            memories, and it only records calls. If there will ever be an option for

            extending calls, that would be appreciated. I dont understand how anyone

            can not notice an accidental call when tbe duration is 4 hours. If that's

            the case, simply Im put an option that when it's 3 hours and 30 minutes

            into the call, an option pops up saying "Hello, would you like to extend

            this call?" With a yes or no option. If chosen yes, the call at 4 hours

            will continue, but you will get another notification after another 3 hours

            and 30 minutes, ect.

            If chosen no, or left unanswered, the call will end at 4 hours.


            It's bull when the people who pay for unlimited have to use another app for

            the same purpose you pay for in the first place. I rather just switch phone

            plans if that's the case and go somewhere where they will actually give me

            the options i want for what i pay for.