Cat Phone S61 Issues


    So I'm coming from AT&T and wanted to see if T-Mobile was a better carrier.  I bought a Cat Phone S61, latest flagship rugged phone from this company, that supports all of the frequencies of T-Mobile in the USA (Except LTE 71 600Mhz) and supposedly VoLTE and WifiCalling.  I've been round and round with both AT&T and T-Mobile as well as Cat Phone support and I've gotten nowhere.  On the phone with my T-Mobile SIM at the 4636 Phone menu, the option to enable VoLTE (VoLTE Provisioned) is both turned off and disabled.  If I put in an AT&T sim card they are not disabled.


    I tried putting my T-Mobile sim in a Galaxy S7 Active (Unlocked) and was able to enable VoLTE and Wifi Calling, but putting the SIM in the Cat S61 they are disabled. 


    Any thoughts, suggestions?  I've asked advanced technical support at both AT&T and T-Mobile (I want to go with T-Mobile), but they seem to be stumped or don't care.  I've contact Cat Phone support and they said "we'll get back to you".

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