Im just raising the LG V30 TMobile update again..


    So I update to 8.0.0 on my original LG V30. Bluetooth and wireless issues.


    TMobile then have an update, part of which is "Security Updates"..


    Both render my phone useless on WiFi and Bluetooth. I also use my phone for work so not ideal.


    Cue shop visit. Cue warranty claim. (quite right, but the expectation is that surely the update bricking phone functionality would be fixed...)


    New phone, backups from Google.


    Persistant, godammit persistant software update nags.....


    Bricked Bluetooth and WiFi patchiness afterwards.


    Brand new, was working perfectly fine phones, ruined by TMobile updates of bloatware and "improvements".


    Factory reset beckons. Unless these are persistant updates, in which case I will go back and get a new phone so I can sell the poor batard to someone with more patience than I do. I have wasted hours, if not days by this point.


    I am now tempted by Google and their product, Project FI as a result as this is incompetence writ large.


    STOP THE BLOATWARE. JUST.... STEP AWAY FROM THE DAMMIT KEYBOARDS TMOBILE. You cant do it, so dont try, you arent good enough. Just admit defeat and give us a stock Android experience. God forbid it works the way its supposed to.