Inconsistent LTE coverage in office buildings?


    I work in an office building in the heart of downtown Omaha, NE and my wife and I just switched from AT&T on Sunday. I've been happy with the service for the most part, but the building I work is where I will be using my phone the most. In my office I tend to get 1 bar, sometimes 2 max. One minute the connection is good, the next LTE will drop to only 4G, then the next my phone struggles to even loan Facebook. If I step outside of the building it immediately jumps to 3 bars and has great connection. Is T Mobile just bad with building penetration? If I am unhappy with this inconsistent connection would T Mobile refund me for our phones so I can go back to the reliable service that AT&T offered? Address of office is 1620 Dodge St Omaha NE 68102. Yesterday I was at our 12th and Howard branch and the connection in that building was even worse. Phone is iPhone 8 plus.Thanks

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey, krcostello87!


        Welcome to T-Mobile! It sounds like has been bumpy start coverage-wise. Thanks for providing all the initial info that I need to take a look at the area. From checking out our tower locations in comparison to your office building, you should have no issues picking up a strong signal. If you're by a window, does your signal strength increase? I see a few taller buildings in the area but that shouldn't decrease your signal. Do you know of any other T-Mobile users at your work that have the same complaint? The next step we need to take is working with our Tech team via 611 or T-Force via Facebook/Twitter to have a ticket filed with our Engineering team. They'll investigate the area within 72 business hours.


        To answer your last question,  you are still within your Buyer's Remorse period if you activated service on 8/12. If you started up service in a store, you have 14 days. If started online or over the phone, you have 20 days from the date you receive your phone.