Need Help... I am getting less than 3 mbps.. on speedtest


    I have 6 lines with T-Mobile and never had any issues until recent extreme LTE speed loss.


    Phone models are...

    - S8 +

    - S8+

    - IPhone 6S Plus

    - IPhone 8 Plus

    - ZMAX Pro ( T-Mobile )

    - Samsaung S3 Frontier LTE

    Ran all 5 phones with Speedtests within the same local servers and averaged 35 - 40 MBPS.


    BUT NOW all phones are averaging at 0.03 MBPS ---> 3.2 MBPS. Called 611 (Customer Service) and all they say is that the local tower is being worked on. It's been over months and no changes. Need help... it's frustrating not able to use any APPS that requires internet because it's too slow.


    If nothing get's resolved... considering to move back to Verizon. @

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