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Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 DTMF and VVM issues


    I am having similar problems. Galaxy S4, SCH-I545


    Phone worked perfectly on Verizon.  Online support stopped calling me back after two hours POOF (GREAT Service!!!!!) 


    Allan at local store then worked on phone for hours.  Still broken.




    Phone kept losing SIM and rebooting; SIM was defective - too thin, and replaced.  THat problem is fixed.


    In a call, my #bars go from 4 or 5 to zero.


    WHen I reach a computerized answering system, it won't recognize my keystrokes to navigate.


    I can receive but not send texts, not to any number of a half dozen I have tried.


    VVM app dies after a couple of minutes.  When in VM playback, phone does not register my keystrokes to navigate system.



    Please advise.

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