T-Mobile Cellspot 3G/4G & 4LTE Lights not on.


    RESOLVED:  After receiving my new Cellspot and connecting it according to the directions it took approx six hours to get four green lights to come on, i.e., Power to GPS.  However, the last two, the 3G/4G & 4G LTE, did not come on, even after leaving it to boot up overnight.  After contacting T-Mobile and being ultimately passed on to a Specialize Tech in this matter I learned that T-Mobile (sometimes) has to 'UNLOCK' the 3/G/4G & 4G LTE feature.  Accordingly, while on the phone the tech unlocked (authorized) the feature and within five minutes the Cellspot was up and running.  Phone instantly went from two bars to 'five' bars.  Works beautifully now.

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      • huq21

        Hello I need help so badly.. I have Received a personal cell spot v1 and ask them to unlock it and they had no idea what that is, I got this box on Monday and they told me  wait till Friday. It is Friday and STILL NOT WORKING? It makes no sense he’ll would be appreciated

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            Sorry about the above "SS". . .figures got ahead of the thought process!


            Anyway, the only thing I can tell you is that I spoke to two reps before finally being passed on to a "Specilized Tech Care" representative who knew exactly what the issue was and immediately addressed it by (her words) 'unlocking the access to the CellSpot'.  Of course, what that really means I have no idea but I can tell you that within 5-10 minutes all the lights were green and my signal strength immediately went to 5 bars on my phone.  Maybe if you call T-Mobile Support and tell them my story they will have a better idea what you need and what level of technical support will resolve it.  Good luck.


            • heresgeo

              I just received a 4G LTE CellSpot V2 yesterday.  Set my router up to let UDP ports 123, 500 and 4500 pass through to the device as stated in their setup guide.  Waited overnight and the top 4 LED's went green.  (I have seen some posts where people say it can take multiple days to have those first 4 LED's go green; just leave it alone and do not restart it if you are sure the UDP ports are open.)  Called support and followed the recommendation above to speak with someone in "Specialized Tech Care" and have them "unlock access to the CellSpot".  They knew exactly what I was asking and had the device working within 5 or 10 minutes.


              Thank you for leaving the post about your solution here.