No service in Loudonville, Ohio


    I recently switched to T-mobile and enjoy my phone and services in Cleveland , Ohio.   Not happy at all with not getting any coverage in Loudonville, Ohio 44842.  This is my get away where we keep our Camper for the summers.   I can not receive or send phone calls or text.   Can not get data also.   Use to have Sprint and would be able to call and text with out a problem.  Data would work but would be slow.  Verizon, AT&T, and Boost also works down there.  I do have bars showing, but no data next to it.  I run the opensignal app. and shows me connected to a T-mobile tower (cell id 45163535 and lac 21256)  but not sure how far away it is.    This area of town is very popular tourist area and can not believe T mobile is not able to work.  I have tried every thing possible from other posts to make this phone work down here with no luck.    Does T mobile have any input on there tower in that area or if there is more to be added in the near future?

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        Hey there and thanks for posting.


        This area has fair coverage which means the strongest signal is going to be outdoors. Depending on the phone you're using, you may be able to switch the settings to another band and try connecting. While indoors, I recommend connecting to Wi-Fi if available to help keep you connected. As for towers, I don't see any info about new ones being built right now. Our engineers do know the areas where we'll need to improve, so we'll continue to close those gaps and make changes to help with the coverage.