Incoming WiFi Calls straight to VM - sometimes ?




    With WiFi calling On - Incoming calls don't even ring, sometimes - straight to Voice Mail.... Other times it rings and works fine...  This even happens when 'Emergency Calls Only'  is NOT displayed and I know I am registered on the Network.


    Also, With WiFi calling On - I get 'Emergency Calls Only' that shows-up on my phone, sometimes....When this happens I don't even get Txt messages.  When I notice it - I turn on Airplane mode for a moment  On-Off and 'Emergency Calls Only'  goes away, and I am connected again.  


    I could leave WiFi calling off, but I need it because my property has poor cell reception - so I can make outgoing calls, but not receive incoming calls.


    Seems the T-Mobile Network is taking my phone off the Network at random times on both WiFi and Cellular Bands.  It can happen 3 - 4 times during the day, I have to CONSTANTLY look at my phone to see if I'm connected and 'in the communications loop' able to receive calls and txt's. I'm an engineer and operate my business from home here and it's causing me to appear very unprofessional - like I'm not responsive to customers communications....


    LGV10 - New Phone - old Moto did same thing.  I have a T-Mobile  a Personal Cellspot Router as well.


    I know reception at my home is marginal, I'm told only 1 tower hits my property and I think its possible its getting 'busy' and dropping me. How can I get T-Mobile to assess the coverage and capacity in my area ?    Or is this not a Network problem ?

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