Network not available


    I have been using T-mobile with a Samsung Galaxy J5 (dual sim) without any issues for the past two years. My area is definitely covered by the T-mobile network. However, both my SIM cards (T-mobile + an international one) suddenly stopped being able to connect to the network yesterday.


    I have tried to troubleshoot this in multiple ways including:


    - Restarting phone

    - Manually selecting network (even though T-mobile is detected, it always fails to connect. I get a message to try again later)

    - Erasing cache memory

    - Getting a new SIM card

    - Re-entering APN settings as indicated in T-mobile website

    - Resetting phone to factory settings twice


    Sometimes I'm able to successfully connect to the T-mobile network. As soon as I try to do a test phone call, however, I instantly lose connectivity.


    The fact that both SIM cards are affected makes me think it's a phone issue, however I have done a factory reset twice. Since this is my only phone, I have no way to connect to customer service. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? Thanks

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