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Note 9 memory missing???????????


    Got the device today and was a bit disappointed, first of all only has 462 gb new out of box on the blue 512 gb note 9, is thier a memory issue here, nothing downloaded yet just the system apps that came with it after signing in with my Google account and the stereo  speakers??? Horrible!!! the note 8 and my iPhone x sounds much better, what's the return policy on a preordered device?? Think this is a s amsung failure?? Think in going to return this, 49.1 gb missing?? Rip off.. help me on this t mobile I'm very disappointed for such a 1250 dollar device.

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      • tidbits

        Re: Note 9 memory missing???????????

        It's because of formatting.  When talking storage it's 1GB = 1000MB, but the operating system sees 1GB = 1024MB


        So 500GB = 500,000MB and then you divide that by 1024 = 488GB give or take a few MB.  Then you add the OS and apps and you will end up with 462GB


        You can look at other devices and it'll be the same including the ones you listed.

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          • androidz32015

            Re: Note 9 memory missing???????????

            Ahh that's interesting but it's still enough storage, but now I noticed their are ghosting apps when on memory card since I updated the August security patches but one you move back from sd card to phone it stops than back to sd card it's ghosting but stays that way usually it only ghosts for a few minutes. I think this note 9 is a huge failure, for a 1200 dollar device what's next to go wrong with it, I called t mobile and got a rma return label to return the note 9, I kinda thought it would be a failure by Samsung, it's the stupid Oreo android version, think I'll go with a Google pixel 3 xl with android pie. Oreo is so out dated. And so is Samsung. Oreo is what killed my note 8, and that extra battery with note 9?? Ya right still horrible battery life.