Heading back to verizion


    I am heading back to verizion, not by choice. The last few months I have been travelling California, Nevada (home) Arizona , Utah, Colorado , Nebraska and Iowa. Next week I will be back on the road traveling. While T-Mobile was good with coverage, I found I was constantly losing coverage. Several times I checked to see where the nearest cellphone tower was and saw I was surrounded by them, yet no coverage. In the rural areas I ended up going hours without service.

    Fortunately only a few times did it become an issue. While it proved to be a slight inconvenience, it has a chance to become a serious problem.

    There for to improve my coverage while traveling I will be getting verizion service. T-Mobile will remain my primary service provider. I will be getting prepaid service with Verizon as a back up.

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      • snn555

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        Thanks for letting us know.

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          I have a PagePlus PAYG flip phone that uses Verizon's signal and costs ~$32/year to keep active. When I set it up, I just activated and old CDMA flip phone that was gathering dust in a drawer but I understand that now they no longer will do new CDMA activations. There are supposed to be LTE flip phones that will work with PagePlus and cost as little as $15.


          When I'm traveling in areas where I might lose T-Mobile service, I set my T-Mobile phone for conditional call forwarding (out of service) to send calls to the PAGY phone.

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