Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Features


    Does an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 9 support:


    Video Calling?

    Bands 12 and 71?


    Are there any features that won't work with T-Mobile?

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      • tidbits

        Re: Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Features

        You will have to ask Samsung.  Anything outside of T-Mobile they will not know.

        • glen711

          Re: Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Features

          So I just activated my Samsung SM-N960U1 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Unlocked version, on my existing T-Mobile SIM.


          When I plugged the SIM in, the phone received a SIM Data Refresh immediately, and did a quick reboot and reconfigure.  Easy and no work.  No APN to configure, it all just auto-configured.


          I have Wifi Calling, which was not there before I plugged in the SIM. It works great and just as you'd expect.  Minor detail:  There is no notification-area button to toggle it on or off, you have to tap the notification and go into the settings.


          I see no setting for VoLTE.  However, whilst on calls, I see and have LTE+ data available, and voice calls to other T-Mobile users are noticeably high-def, so I suspect (but cannot confirm) VoLTE is active all the time. (And when would we ever need an option to disable it anyway?)  So I suspect it is built in.


          Maintenance mode shows my phone is currently connected to band 12 with 5MHz bandwidth right now.  :-)   Band 71 is present in this phone (I have no way to force it or test it, but it's there.)


          There is *no* video calling in the dialer or the contacts app.  Stories about ways to enable this on the previous Note 8 seem not to apply to the Note 9, or Oreo.  To me, however, this is a minor thing, because the phone came preloaded with Duo (as have most Samsung phones in the past several years) and so I've gotten my entire extended family to just click into it and activate it (easy), and now I can video call them all with that.


          I love T-Mobile, and I normally have T-Mobile branded devices, even though the "Device Unlock" and carrier bloat are annoying.  I went unlocked this time just to see the difference and - apart from the absence of the Video Call option in the dialer - and the absence of carrier bloat - I see no difference at all.  Buy either version with confidence.


          And - wisely - T-Mobile's Visual Voicemail app is downloadable on the Play Store - as are their T-Mobile management and T-Mobile Tuesdays apps - so if you want those you can have them on demand.  Another reason T-Mobile is the best.


          Hope this report helps!



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