need new phone service due to dropped calls


    i use net10 currently and i can not make any phone calls or get calls with out constant break up and call drop, there's no point for me to pay for a phone that i cant use. i just need calls & texts, i saw t-mobiles pay as you go plan for $3 a month .10 cents extra per minute or text, i'm interested in getting it.


    what i'm wondering is could i bring in my own phone like a LG 440G and have it connected to it, also is the coverage better then net10 or worse? i live in brooklyn and i can not make a single phone call with out break up or dropped call, maybe somebody can recommend something, i dont really have time for all this, i just need a phone for cheap that works


    bottom line i need a cheap phone service in the brooklyn area that i can use to make calls with out dropping, i cant make calls with my net10 currently in my own apartment

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