Can I use Tmobile Sim inside Indian phone


    I am planning to travel to India and instead of carrying two phones, I am planning to buy a dual sim phone

    in India. One sim-slot will take my Tmobils SIM (Simple choice plan) and other will take local Sim.

    Would that work?

    Any advice/suggestions?


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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: Can I use Tmobile Sim inside Indian phone

        Should work OK. Keep in mind that on most dual-SIM phones, the 2nd slot is often GSM-only (2G). If your intent is to be able to get your SMS, should be fine.


        Also, keep in mind that T-Mobile's roaming in India can best be described as a mess. For instance in some areas of J&K State, there is no roaming, even though it's served by the same carriers as the rest of India. If you're headed that way, it might be good to have a phone that supports T-Mobile's WiFi Calling.

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        • magentatechie

          Re: Can I use Tmobile Sim inside Indian phone

          Hey there, do you know what type of phone you're thinking of purchasing? My biggest concern would be compatibility of a foreign phone with the T-Mobile SIM.  There are some pretty outstanding folks on these boards who can break that down to a science if you let us know what phone you have in mind. 


          As far as recommendations go, the OnePlus a series of dual SIM phones that seem to have a fair track record with T-Mobile service, and they are sold unlocked for international use. 

          • graphreak

            Re: Can I use Tmobile Sim inside Indian phone

            Unlocked Dual-SIM phones with TMO SIM in one of the slots should work fine.

            Traveling overseas (with most Simple Choice plans to my knowledge), TMO data speeds would be at 2G (up to 128 kbps) speeds anyway.

            It probably really would not matter which SIM slot the TMO SIM is placed in, as far as overseas service per se is concerned but,

            for ideal local service coverage I would think the local SIM should be in the primary slot.

            Caveat of course being, which region is the Dual-SIM phone primarily designed for.

            Info on TMOSimple Choice™ plans

            Another page worth going over is International roaming checklist

            • zamakli

              Re: Can I use Tmobile Sim inside Indian phone

              I see a lot of answers here that are good, I just wanted to provide a bit more information. In the US we have 4 major wireless providers and a handful of smaller regional players. Of the four major providers Verizon Wireless and Sprint use CDMA and will probably not be compatible.