Note 9 - anyone else have light bleed? Store employees think i'm crazy


    Hi, just got a Note 9 on launch day. Later that night I noticed an obvious light coming out of a tiny gap between the metal frame and the black bezel on the left side. If I scroll the notification shade up and down the light travels with it, as if there's a gap between the screen and the frame. I figured I'd just live with it, but now that i've seen it I can't get over it.


    I took it to a store to get it exchanged, however all the phones they had in stock had the same problem. No big deal, but the guy at the next store I went to tried and tried to see what I was describing and just dismissed it as an optical illusion. He said to wait until Samsung addresses the issue, if it even is a real issue, then come back and get it exchanged.


    So I'm pretty annoyed. I don't think this should happen with a phone that costs $1k. Any help is much appreciated!

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      • smplyunprdctble

        I've heard of light bleed on a few devices in the past.  Having never owned the devices, I don't know what the final solution has ever been.


        And, you're right -- once you see something, you can't unsee it (just like the Phoenix airport -- there's airplanes in the carpeting...).


        I'd suggest a case for your device, assuming the light bleed is in the area that would be covered.  It's also helps protect the device.  Then again, if the "solution" is a case they'll offer you....


        Only advice I can offer you as a fellow customer is to keep on Samsung to try to get them to acknowledge a problem and hope they offer a good solution.

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        • androidz32015

          Mines a 512 gb blue $1249, ya i agree with you but mine does the same and i have used it in near the pool and has gotten wet and did a few underwater pics to test that ip68 water resistance and sure works too, I wouldn't worry, my old note 8 had that same thing rest assure your ok, I've heared of this too even with iPhones also not just Samsung.

          • mortarion913

            That doesn't sound normal.  I own a Note 8 and have never experienced what you've described. 

            • tmo_amanda

              I'm sure that's not quite what you were expecting when purchasing a high-end device, wrsmith93!   This isn't something that's trending on our end but I'm going to begin keeping an eye and ear out for any others that may be experiencing the light bleeding as well (I've seen a few posts across the web). It sounds like you purchased it in a store and going back to the store to exchange it would've been my first recommendation. The only downside to waiting until we hear from Samsung is that you may be outside of your "buyer's remorse period" which means a warranty exchange would have to be filed vs an even product replacement. When you went to the second store, did they look at any of the other Note9's to see if they were having the same issue? IMO, it's definitely not an optical illusion, however, smplyunprdctble's solution is a good temporary one.

                • wrsmith93

                  Hi Amanda!


                  I did ask the store rep to see if any of their other phones had the issue, however he repeated that he couldn't see the problem I was describing (even after taking the phone to the back room and turning off the lights where it would have been VERY obvious) and didn't want to open any boxes, I'm assuming because in his view I had a baseless claim for a defect.


                  I also pointed out the fact that the gap didn't appear on the right side of the screen and that if it really was an optical illusion, it should be happening on both sides, but to no avail.


                  I bought one of the official Samsung silicone cases to try and cover it up, unfortunately it's still pretty visible since the edges of the case only cover the metal and don't actually reach over the bezels. This was also the same with several other cases I tried, but the Samsung one covered it up the most.