Current status of B71 rollout in New Hampshire


    Recently, I've been contemplating making the switch from Verizon to T-Mobile...permanently.  Verizon network speeds and reliability have become terrible over the past year...not sure what they're up to but it's pretty shameful.  Upon recommendation from a friend I decided to try out T-Mobile.  Armed with a Galaxy S9+ I've been testing coverage and reliability side by side with my Verizon iPhone wherever I go.  Mostly, I've been enormously impressed.  Living in Southeast NH (seacoast area) the network performance on the T-Mobile side has been unbelievable.


    The issue has been my hometown (which also happens to be where my vacation home is located), which is located in central New Hampshire - more specifically, Wolfeboro NH.  It appears that the western shore of Lake Winnipesaukee is adequately covered by T-Mobile, yet the eastern shore is in pretty rough shape.  LTE was essentially non-existent once I got off RT-16 near Ossipee and drove inland toward the lakes.  Verizon performs admirably in this region while T-Mobile was pretty much unusable.  Any service I did get was near Lake Winnipesaukee, and I was being serviced by a tower across the lake on the western shore. 


    Wolfeboro NH and the surrounding areas on the eastern shore are a **huge** vacation destination for folks from all over the country - especially those from Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York. The population of Wolfeboro goes from about 5,000 in the winter to almost 26,000 in the summer and fall months.  I wouldn't hesitate for a second to switch all of my lines (primary voice and data-only) to T-Mobile if there was more robust coverage in the area.  Looking at some of T-Mobile's 600MHz roll-out plans and spectrum acquisitions, it looks like this area should be covered by B71 sooner rather than later.  Just wanted to check in to see if anyone could provide an official answer. 


    I've attached a screenshot from Cell Mapper showing my travels to the region this past weekend, which shows an obviously massive hole in coverage.  I know that some areas inside the red circle I've drawn show "green" areas of signal...but even though signal strength in these areas was sufficiently "good" the RSRQ and SNR were so bad that data was essentially unusable.  The path I took along the lake should be one contiguous multi-colored line showing varying signal the areas that don't show colored blocks along that path, there was no signal at all.  Please!  Cover this area with B12 or B71...I want to ditch Verizon completely in the worst way.



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