Do I need a New SIM to take advantage of 600MHz Band 71?


    I just got a New Samsung GS9, I transferred my SIM card from my Sony Xperia Z5. The only reason I bought the new phone was so I could take advantage of the new 600MHz Band 71. I am planning to move to Cheyenne WY. in the near future and have been taking frequent trips there. So my question is: Do I need a new Sim card for the new phone to use band 71 on T Mobile? My Sony did not have band 71 capability and when I got the current SIM there was no such thing as band 71.


    On a side note I have only used Sony phones since 2001, this is my first non Sony brand as soon as Sony incorporates band 71 into their phones I'm switching back.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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