Lg g6 dealing with a problem child.


    Okay so I finally got home and the first thing I was going to do was take my piece of crap lg g6 to T-Mobile and switch it for a note 8 heck I was even thinking of the moto g6 or whatever moto phone T-Mobile carries. Well one thing lead to another and before I knew it I was in California bouncing around. I discovered that I could go from five service coverage bars to zero coverage by simply stepping to my left or right.

    At first I thought it was my phone but I spoke with other T-Mobile users with Samsung phones and they to had problems.

    (The general consensus is get Verizon or At&t for a back up).

    So I figured ok I will go to a T-Mobile store in California. No such luck. Meetings, appointments,

    Okay so like countless others I have been endless issues with this phone. Your probably thinking just take the thing to T-Mobile for God sakes and be done with it. Unfortunately my current schedule and T-Mobile's kind of conflict. I am generally wrapping up work by 9-9:30 at night my day starts around 7-8am.

    The moisture in the USB port for the time has gone away.

    So currently much biggest issue is my battery life.  Over the last week I have gotten 3-5 hours of battery life. I have been charging I was charging it every two hours, however the last few days it hasn't been possible.

    So to make the battery last I have done the following

    1)when not in use keep it off.

    2) when in use keep the brightness to 50-55%.

    3) use comfort mode. Unless I need to see something in color. I keep the display in black and white.

    I was able to make the battery life last a full 24 hours. Of course that 24 hour period I didn't use it for probably 19-20 hours. The 4-5 hours I did use it it was in short spans 10-15 minutes to check emails, voice mail

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      • magentatechie

        Re: Lg g6 dealing with a problem child.

        Oh, dear! I'm so sorry to hear about the troubles you're having with the G6.  Were you having the issues with the battery since day one or did you notice a difference after a software update?  I've read others having the same issue after 8.0 Oreo. Also, do you have insurance on the phone?

          • joe1994

            Re: Lg g6 dealing with a problem child.

            Well the end finally came. Shortly after installing the October security patch, the problems began. Apps crashing, phone freezing up, shutting down, randomly rebooting.  Last week things came to a head when the phone battery went from somewhere around 60% yo zero in a minute. After failing to get it to charge I was able to locate a T-Mobile where I could safely park my truck. The T-Mobile costumer service agent tried for ten minutes to get the phone to work. For about a minute he got the phone to come back on. But it would shut down.

            So it was time for me to move on. The agent check to see if there was an available replacement LG G6 device and there wasn't. So after looking at several different phones I went with a Moto phone.