Calls going straight to voice mail/Call quality is not good


    Hello i have a Samsung S5 Active and recently switched to tmobile from att and now incoming phone calls do not ring and do straight to my voice mail and phone calls are not very clear as it was with att. i currently live in the Dallas area, there should be no reason that i cant have good clear phone calls.

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      • drnewcomb2

        Despite the fact that your ex-AT&T phone is technically compatible with T-Mobile, it is not optimal for use on T-Mobile in some situations. One of these situations is in congested markets, such as NYC, Chicago L.A. and Dallas. The reason has to do with T-Mobile's shifting as much spectrum as possible to LTE. In some places, like NYC, they've made everything LTE, except one odd block of AWS (band-4) has been left UMTS and they've shoved a couple of GSM carriers into the guard bands of band-2 LTE. The result is that if you don't have a fairly current phone that's compatible with a bunch of T-Mobile's bands and VoLTE, your service will be less than fully satisfactory.


        There are three possible solutions:

        1. Some Samsung phones have various firmware versions with identical hardware. Some people flash a T-Mobile firmware version onto a Verizon, Sprint or AT&T phone and fix the problem. I don't know if this is possible with the S5 Active or not, and it would be entirely at your risk.
        2. Get a phone that's more fully compatible with current T-Mobile technology.
        3. Port out to AT&T or an AT&T MVNO, like Cricket.


        Sorry none of these are quick and easy.

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        • dragon1562

          If you are a fan of Samsung and the active line than you can purchase the S8 active. The S9/+ are also good options. If you need something cheaper there are plenty of choices. Just make sure they have support for bands 2,4,12,66, and 71 if you want to enjoy all the coverage that T-mobile has to offer. Bands 2,4, and 12 are the must haves but band 71 is increasing more important as time goes on and it gets deployed in more markets.

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