No connection in Japan


    I am currently in Japan. I have T-MOBILE plan to be able to text and message. But I don't get any signals. The only way to communicate is when I am on WI-FI. How when I am out of hotel I cannot communicate. I was adive to roam using Docomo or Softbank; T-MOBILE roaming partners. I attempted to search for them but have not found them. Request assistance.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: No connection in Japan

        What kind of phone are you using? When you scan for networks, are you getting an error message? Have you gone multiple places in Japan and saw it working anywhere else?

          • rodney-1887

            Re: No connection in Japan

            I am using a Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime.  I am travelling all over Japan and no connection. When I search scan always get message to register. Tried registering but always unable to connect. I was informed on another message board that my phone may not be capable in Japan. When I looked online for capability issued it registered not capable. Once I return to states going to go back to store to inform them. Because this is why I brought this phone and plan to work in Japan.