Government Emergency Alerts with Wi-Fi Calling enabled


    I switched to T-Mobile last year and I've noticed that I haven't received a single Government issued alert (inclement weather, amber alert, etc.) since switching over.  I've done the turn off, reboot, turn on, etc. tricks but to no avail.  I'm currently on the IPhone X.


    I have coworkers with T-Mobile sitting next to me getting the alerts.  The only difference between them and me is I have the "T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling enabled" so I'm on the T-Mobile wifi network where they are just on the straight cell network.  I still have a bar of cell service though.


    Has anyone else had this happen?  If I turn off the wifi network will they start appearing again?  I use it just to get a boost for my signal as there are some dead spots in my home and office.

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