How to setup call forwarding on Galaxy Watch?


    Hi, how do i setup call forwarding on Galaxy watch? The user manual says, swipe down when on the watch screen and you would see a call forwarding icon. I do not see any icon for call forwarding when I swipe down. There are the usual, do not disturb, volume icons etc but not the call forwarding icon. can some one help?

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      • magentatechie

        Hey there, @magenta6106537! Sorry to hear you're having troubles with your Galaxy Watch!


        What kind of plan do you have? Do you have the watch successfully set up with Data with Paired DIGITS?  If so, the only calls that actually ring through to the watch itself are the calls to your actual phone line, so are you looking at forwarding THAT (your primary) number to a different phone?


        If this is the case, from your phone, you will dial: **21*1+PhoneNumber#, for example, to forward your calls to 6154941199, you would dial **21*16154941199# and press send/call. To cancel the call forwarding, you will dial ##21# and press send/call.


        If you're desiring to have the watch pick up the calls made to your regular phone, you will need to complete the networking set up and make sure your DIGITS line is paired properly and EID is activated.  If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to let us know!

        • gordo1227

          I am having the same issue. I called support and they kept on telling that the icon should be there. The only solution was to use digits, the only issue with this is that you need to have the app download and stay logged in to receive only calls, no text messages get sent to the watch. I loved this feature as I have used it with the Gear S3 Frontier. I wish i could get the correct answer to fix the issue.

            • magentatechie

              Hello, there, gordo1227 !  I'm really excited to help you get your watch working properly!


              First of all, with Data with Paired DIGITS, your phone does not need the app at all! Your phone line can be shared between up to 5 devices (wearable, tablet, computer, phone, etc) through a seperate application or web portal.  The watch works because the needed application is built in, so to speak.


              The big caveat about activating LTE is that at this time, it DOES require you to use a Galaxy S6 or later to set up the network on the watch. After that, you can go back to your regular phone and still get calls and texts from your watch WITHOUT being on Bluetooth!


              To start, if you haven't already, get a T-Mobile ID (by logging in to and setting up your online account) to make managing DIGITS easier, make sure that you have a PAH (primary account holder) indicator on one of the lines on the account or else DIGITS won't work properly.


              Next, you must enable Multiple Line Settings on your phone line.  Log in to, click Profile (upper right), Multiple Devices, select your phone number from the drop down box, then turn on the switch to activate multiple line settings.  This allows your phone number to be shared with the watch.


              Do you have a line of service set up for the watch already?  If it is not a Data with Paired DIGITS, it will need to be migrated over.  You will need to reach out to 611, Messaging, or T-Force to do this.  If you don't have a line yet, don't worry, you can set one up with the watch activation. 


              If you do already have a Data with Paired DIGITS line, make sure it is paired to your mobile line.  Do this by logging in to the DIGITS portal, select the DIGITS line, under Paired DIGITS, select the desired primary line and click Save.


              Ready for the fun part?


              If you already use a Galaxy S6 or higher, awesome! This will be a smidge easier for you!  If you do not, bum one from a friend.  (The store may be able to help you here if you don't know anyone with a compatible device, be sure to take these instructions along to the store).



              What you'll need:

              Galaxy Watch

              Samsung Galaxy S6 or later for initializing the network, SIM card for use on primary phone line

              WiFi Network connection

              EID Number or eSIM (can be found on watch box or by navigating to Settings>About Watch>Device Information)


              Connect both devices to WiFi network; for the watch, this can be found at Settings>Connections>WiFi


              Activate eSIM or EID, you will need to be with care for this step.  Call 611, use the Message Us link, or reach out to T-Force via Facebook or Twitter.


              Pair watch and Galaxy phone via Bluetooth.


              The app should take you through a network setup for the watch.  It will ask you to verify the PAH's last 4 digits of SSN.  If you have a DIGITS line, select Already have a wearable plan.  If not, select the Data with Paired DIGITS option and press continue.


              After the watch has rebooted and shows service, remove the user’s SIM from the Galaxy phone and place back in actual phone. (If applicable; if you were using your own Galaxy, you're done!)


              Open the Wearable app on the regular phone and pair to watch using Bluetooth. (Alternatively, you can go on the watch to Settings>Connect to New Phone)


              DO NOT PANIC.  The watch will show “Resetting”.  It is only removing the Galaxy phone information and the network activation will still be fine!


              The LTE is now activated,.  You can turn off Bluetooth and the watch and device will still be connected through DIGITS!  Now you can make and receive calls and texts to your watch, even when you aren't near your phone! 

            • tmo_mike_c

              Hi there!


              Have you taken a look at the steps above? Please let us know if you got the help you need. Thanks.

              • tmo_mike_c

                Please keep us posted on how things are going. Thank you.