I am at my wit's end with my Galaxy Watch & Gear S3 Frontier - Maybe it's me?


    OK - So I am pretty competent when it comes to technology but, for the life of me, I cannot seem to get my Gear S3 Frontier or my new Galaxy Watch 46mm to function properly on my T-Mobile account.  Here's the deal:


    1.  Galaxy Gear S3 Frontier Watch - When paired via Bluetooth, wi-fi auto, to my Galaxy S7, everything seems OK and I receive SMS, MMS, as expected - As they arrive.  The minute I walk away from my phone (or start it up after being powered off), my watch starts going crazy with notifications/texts/MMS messages - All of which I have already read and responded to - Some as old as a week!  My watch, literally, vibrated for 5 minutes the other day as it was receiving dozens of old messages.


    2.  Galaxy Watch 46mm - Same exact issue as Gear S3 Frontier with the added annoyance of a notification, when I swipe "right" after set-up, reading..."You have one (1) voicemail" - I have checked, double checked, called my voicemail...I have ZERO voicemails and I am unable to swipe away or delete this notification.  Period!


    So far - I have master reset each watch over 5 times; I have, also, reset the 2 phones in question. I am also using the STOCK messaging apps on both phones/watches, from Samsung.  No third party apps are being used for anything!


    I am probably missing something - But also have an Android Wear watch, on a different carrier and these issues are not present.


    thanks for any help!

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