Voice Service not working


    For about a week, I haven't been able to make/receive calls.  The few calls that come through have such poor quality that they aren't functional.


    I am in the US (Philadelphia) on a pre-paid unlimited plan that I've been on since 2011.  My phone is a Panasonic Lumix CM1 (Android 5.0.2).  My phone shows full bars and LTE coverage.   Text and Data are as fast as ever - absolutely great. 


    When I attempt to make a call, it will say "Dialing" for 20-30 seconds and then "Call Ended", without ever going to a dialtone.  We can use my husband's phone (he is on the same plan) next to me and his works fine.  I have tried making calls from multiple locations and the problem exists everywhere.  My sim card worked when I put it in my husband's phone and made a call using his phone.  When someone calls me, the call goes straight to voicemail.


    So far I have tried reseting the APN to default;  having the Network Operator set to "Connect automatically", and doing a full factory restore on my phone. All without success in restoring my voice service.


    My phone seems to recognize that the service is with T-Mobile and wants to connect, but it's just not allowing me to make/receive calls.
    When I go to status it shows:
    Network: T-Mobile
    Signal Strength: -99dBm 42asu
    Cellular Network Type: LTE
    Service State: Voice: In Service / Data: In Service
    Roaming: Not Roaming
    Cellular network state: Connected


    I've spent HOURS on the messenger with agents, and now they are telling me they can't help me because I'm on a prepaid account.  They called me and connected me to 611 tech support, but the call quality was so terrible, 611 disconnected the call and now they are not answering my messages in the T-Mobile messenger.  I don't have another phone available to call them and won't until Tuesday.


    Can someone please help me to get my voice service back?

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      • magenta6146476

        Re: Voice Service not working

        My family is in the path of Hurricane Florence.  It's been really distressing not to be able to be to talk with them.  If anyone can please, please help me with this, it would be GREATLY appreciated!

          • dragon1562

            Re: Voice Service not working

            So after looking at the specs for your camera/ phone, I saw that is missing much of the bands that T-mobile uses and I did not see it as supporting VoLTE. My guess is that the area that you're trying to place the call doesn't have 2g to fall back on to make the call. You could test that by having someone else you know with T-mobile placing the call in the problem areas and see what happens. If the other user can connect a call and you can't then it is an issue with the device not being compatible with the network.


            Edit 1: Sorry I reread the original post and just realized that you said your husband's phone does not have the issue. Which means it is definitely a compatibility issue. Unfortunately, your only real solution is to get a device that supports all of the changes that have been made on the T-mobile network. You could also look into swapping carriers but the device won't do well on any of them as far as I can tell. AT&T is decommissioning its 2g and I didn't see support for the CDMA networks so you are pretty limited on choice. Its a shame since it seems like a cool device but its really missing much of thing things a modern smartphone needs to be a classical phone in the sense of phone calls.


            It's worth noting you could always use a third party app to connect calls with your friends. An example is Skype.

          • tmo_chris

            Re: Voice Service not working

            Hey magenta6146476


            I am so sorry to hear that you are having troubles with your phone! I hope you family was able to get to safety! My brother evacuated Wilmington last Wednesday. As for your phone only having issues with calls, do you know if this happens in all locations or is it more prevalent when you are in a specific location?