what router settings are needed for tmobile wifi to work?


    I have visited Egypt three separate times over the course of the last two years. When I arrived the first time, tmo wifi calling was not working and I called extensively into customer service and somehow someone fixed it and it was good for at least 5 months straight then one day that stopped and wifi calling would only appear intermittently but I didn't have the time to call customer service to find a fix.


    During my second visit, earlier this year, I very seldomly was able to get wifi calling and because of the extensive amounts of calls I made to ask them to fix it as they had it last year tmo flagged my account (I initially thought this but then a rep confirmed this) because all the reps I was talking to were just telling me to go complain to the Egypt internet provider. I tried that but they confirmed that they did not change anything on my account from last year.


    I am currently on my third trip here and tmo wifi calling shows up intermittently again so i have to make my USA calls whenever it shows up on my screen which is inconvenient. I called in a tech guy and he removed the firewall from the router and almost immediately all three of my phones (2 iphones and a Samsung) showed tmobile wifi. that lasted a day or two then stopped. So, the tech guy came back and put the firewall back up and tmobile wifi appeared again on all three devices. now, a day later, it stopped. I have myself tried turning it off but that's not working. I just need help trying to figure out what settings my router needs to have because if I can just get the right settings I should have tmobile wifi. i am not technical. so i hope someone can break it down for me in simple terms that i can follow.


    router is Huawei HG531 V1


    tmobile wifi should work if the settings are right... just need the help getting there and many of the tmobile reps don't deal with international technical issues so it's a very hard thing to keep calling tmobile about this.

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      • drnewcomb2

        There are some settings that will make WiFi Calling more reliable but if WiFi Calling just does not connect it's probably some ports being blocked by the ISP. to prevent it working. WiFI Calling tends to be pretty sensitive. Do you have any 3rd-party VoIP apps, like Viber or Skype? How well do they work? Do you have access to a VPN server?

          • anajolie

            Thank you for replying. It connects on and off. When it's on, it is on for hours or days. Then it goes away for a long time. No rhyme or reason to it but twice when the tech guy changed the firewall settings I had tmobile wifi for a long time.


            I do have third party voip apps (Skype, whatsapp, viber) on my phone and they all work fine but I need to call back to the U.S. directly with my tmobile line because I am calling businesses that do not have those third party voip apps. When I have tmobile wifi I do not incur charges and when it's not working I do. Logic tells me that since it's working sometimes there's something in the settings that needs to be changed.


            Once again, for almost 5 continuous months last year I had uninterrupted tmobile wifi calling. Then one day it went away and now it's intermittent with no rhyme or reason to it.

              • drnewcomb2

                I take it that this is all using the same WiFi signal? I'd try a US-based VPN server before assigning the blame to the WiFi or T-Mobile. The VoIP apps used different ports than WIFi calling. You can also get a lot of outbound calling from $10 worth of Skype-out, Viber-out or Google Voice.

                  • anajolie

                    Yes, I have always used the same wifi signal.


                    I appreciate your guidance regarding other connection methods but I am trying to find the correct router settings I need to allow my home network to continuously allow my phones to have tmobile wifi.

                      • drnewcomb2

                        I didn't realize that you were talking your home WiFi. What I'm getting at is that it may not be your router. If it works one month and then not the next, your ISP may be changing things on their end. In general, having a high quality WiFi router helps. Making sure that the router is not heavily loaded with connections does too. You might be able to up the QOS for your phone by changing the QOS settings in the router. What make and model router?

                        • dragon1562

                          I just wanted to add that on iPhones they tend to prefer cell service for connecting calls over wifi connections. On Android, you can set your phone to prefer the wifi connection to connect the calls which may help. I doubt that this is the reason but I usually like to run over the simple stuff first in case it wasn't looked at. The reason I brought this up as well is that the T-mobile rep should have had no control over your router settings. You shouldn't have to change any settings on the router to have it work. You just need to have enough bandwidth really which is about 1.5mb down and .5 minimum for it to work well. You could also try resetting the network settings on the device and resetting up Wi-Fi calling. I have had to do this before.


                          It could be your ISP as mentioned as well with them closing off ports. However, you would not have control over this unless you owned your own modem or were a business account.

                          • magentatechie

                            Just wondering if this could be any help?

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                    • tmo_mike_c

                      is this only happening when you're traveling internationally or even when you're stateside? If it's happening both ways, are you using the same router or a different one?