My T-Mobile Account issues


    Someone HELP!


    So, I just switched to T-Mobile, ever since I have been trying to login to My Tmobile account and I get this pop up saying I am a unauthorized user, I am the only one on the account. I called and they said they were resetting it and not to login for 48 hours. I waited more than that and it still isn't working. Also, the app says there is issues and won't load anything and sends me back to the website which pops up that I cant login.


    I'd call but I'm sitting in class all night and just want to see if anyone had any other possible solutions.



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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: My T-Mobile Account issues

        Hey, magenta6204260!


        Welcome to T-Mobile and our Support Community. I'm sorry that you're still not able to access your online account even after waiting 48 hours as I'm sure you'd love to be able to check out all the features and manage your account. Is this still happening? If it is, we'll likely need to file a ticket with our Engineers (this can be done by calling 611 or working with T-Force over Facebook/Twitter). It's odd that this is happening right out of the gate, though. 

        • magentapixel

          Re: My T-Mobile Account issues

          I've had the same problem for 6 weeks and they haven't fixed it. Don't get your hopes up. If it's not fixed by the 14th I'll be an ex-customer.

            • magenta5463311

              Re: My T-Mobile Account issues

              This has been an issue for me for at least 6 months.


              I've not been able to log in to my account on line for 6 months and after perhaps a dozen calls in which I was informed their engineers were working on this issue, no one has ever called back, or followed up and the problem has never been fixed.

              Now I just call in when I need info, or to manage my account, but that wait times have gone from minutes to hours, so I suspect many of us are in this same predicament.

              I'm fine with T-Mobile for the connection, but if you expect any customer service to be a part your experience you may want to pick another carrier.

            • baffledtmcustomer

              Re: My T-Mobile Account issues




              I signed up for t-mobile prepay in June, and I *still* cannot access my account online (the “prepay” section of the “my tmobile” site).


              A t-mobile representative told me my email can only be associated with one number at a time, so she canceled my online account altogether to ensure my email was not part of an account linked to another number. Then I was supposed to re-register after 48 hours, which did not fix the problem.


              A second tmobile rep said that the website has been broken for a *month* and that their engineers are aware of it.  How does a company this size cannot get basic functionality, like logging in, working in a month?


              I had been fairly satisfied as a customer in the past, but then they redid their app and part of their site, and it’s been completely useless (I’m not exaggerating, I cannot do anything online.)


                • magenta6122292

                  Re: My T-Mobile Account issues

                  I like T-mobile as long as I never have to login or ask for support or customer service.  With support being so poor I'm surprised T-mobile works on a cell phone.

                  I especially loath the login process that only has the option of sending a temp code to the cell phone or answer some questions but the answers I give don't match what I know is right.