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    Hello I had an LG phone and now have a Note 8. I have been with TMobile for around 10 years now. At 5638 County Road 102 Guffey, CO shows that I should get a fair signal, I do not. If you follow the road west I still do not get a signal not until I get around Divide, Colorado, with patchy spots around Twin Rocks Road. Also north of the 5638 location up Thirtynine Mile Road, no service until Eleven Mile Reservoir. The map shows signal all down CR 102 & CR 11. the only thing I get and have gotten is "emergency calls only" signal.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Rural Colorado Coverage

        That's a long time to be with the company and we certainly appreciate you being with us!


        I've been around Guffey, (honestly just passing through) and I've had the similar experience. My strongest service is is closer to Divide as well but better as I get closer to the Woodland Park area. I don't seen any updates on towers being put in these problem locations, but I do know our engineers are aware of places where we need more coverage "love" so I'm confident this is on their radar. I know that doesn't fix the issue, but I know I'll be keeping an eye out for coverage changes. I travel all around Colorado pretty frequently, so I notice when there's been improvements.