Phone Order Process...


    After about a month of dwelling in my thoughts after it's launch, I decided to purchase a Note9.


    I performed the process online and had an issue using the credit card of choice (I'll refer to this as "card A") the website kept saying "Address was incorrect, not to use a P.O. Box. which I wasn't, So I went on ahead and used a secondary credit card ("card B") and the order went through. I completed the E-Sign of the corresponding documents, and received a few emails from T-Mobile confirming the order.


    About an hour later, I received an email stating "card B" was declined and that I am to call in to customer service to correct the matter. I called in to customer service and the rep explained to me what the email had also said, "Card B" was declined. So I explained to her that I was not able to use the first card because of an issue with the address on the website. The rep offered to assist, and I gave her the details on "Card A" and she confirmed to me that on her end, "Card A" processed just fine. So, I waited for the next confirmation email assuming the process was going to pick up where it left off.


    It didn't. I called back in to T-Mobile and spoke to another rep who explained that from what he can see, everything seems fine, and the card is going through as normal and that I should expect the next automated email from T-Mobile to be the tracking number for shipping. A few hours later after receiving nothing I called in again to ask on a status of the order, and the rep this time said "expected ship date is from 9.25.2018 to 9.27.2018, so it's fine, just wait until the 27th".


    To be honest, I don't want to wait 3 days, just to not have the order get processed and to start up a whole new order again.


    The next morning, still no change on the order, I spoke with another rep this morning who explained that from what he can see, "Card A" processed just fine, but it looked like I needed to resign the e-documents. He was unable to resend the documents to my email and it confused him for a bit. While on the phone with him, I went online to my T-Mobile account and located the documents, and I told him on my end, it's not giving me an option to edit or re-sign the documents electronically. The rep assumed that being the reason why he can't resend me the documents, because on my end they are signed.


    So my thing is this; Does the automated system that processes orders, not try to update itself every hour or so? in the event of error that requires employee or customer intervention once the error is corrected manually does the system not re-check the process in a set interval of time? is there not a way for the employee or customer to "push" any corrections made through in order to trigger the automated order process again?


    My order is in limbo right now, just saying "Kept on Hold" when I check my account online or via the T-Mobile app. All I have been getting from customer service is to wait, but the last rep I spoke to said if the process doesn't move along, the order will automatically cancel after 48 hours. Why doesn't the system check back in  "automagically" and pick the order up where it left off, noticing that action was taken or a change was made since the previous error and run again?



    In these types of situations do we really needed to wait for the order to auto cancel and then restart it again?


    Was hoping to have the device before the weekend.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Phone Order Process...

        Hmm, well it shows that you have an order so I doubt it'll cancel automatically. I know this was a really popular version that was ordered by a lot of folks. I see it's been a few days. Has the shipping info updated or have you received your device?

          • hakai

            Re: Phone Order Process...

            I ended up canceling this order and placing another one early morning yesterday on the 27th. The reps who looked in to the issue could not figure out what was going on and there was another rep who was waiting to hear from the "back office" to assist with the issue. So I ended up just cancelling and placing another one. Not sure what happened ultimately.


            I do have a rep who looked in to my new order I placed after canceling the first one, and out of concern he is going to keep an eye on my order for a day or so and contact me if he still see's the order has not fully processed.


            I chose overnight shipping on the new order hoping for the best. No change as of yet. but periodically checking.

              • tmo_mike_c

                Re: Phone Order Process...

                Okay. I'm glad our rep is keeping an eye on this. Thanks for coming back and keeping posted. Have you heard anything back about your order? Does it show the same status as the previous order?

                  • hakai

                    Re: Phone Order Process...

                    So far it is the same as before. The order is sitting showing "Being Processed".



                    nothing has changed so far and today is the last day for estimated shipping. yesterday I contacted 17 different T-Mobile stores in my area asking if they have the device. The one I ordered is the 512GB model, which according to each those T-Mobile stores, they do not keep the 512GB model stocked in stores. they order it the same way I have done from the Website. So I am stuck waiting further.


                    Thank you for following up with me, this is my current status so far.

              • magenta9181249

                Re: Phone Order Process...

                I have the same problem, different rep different answer now planning to just cancel the order and make a new order. any piece of advice please

                • aiharkness

                  Re: Phone Order Process...

                  I'm going to chime in with hopes that it will prompt T-Mobile to look into this general issue.


                  I ordered two new devices online from T-Mobile a few weeks ago.  I ordered both at the same time.  Used a credit card.  Payed full retail price.  One shipped practically right away and was delivered a few days later.  The other did not.


                  A day or so after the first device shipped I called T-Mobile to ask about the second device.  I just wanted to make sure there wasn't a problem with the order.  The representative was nice, checked on it apparently, and said there was no problem, that it is still in the 5-7 day window.  The rep did ask if I responded affirmative to the promise to pay text I received.  However, I payed full price, did not buy on a payment plan, and there was no promise to pay text.


                  After a couple more days I communicated with T-Mobile again, this time via chat on the website.  The rep apparently checked on it, replied that the device is in stock and there is no problem with my order.  Again, the rep assumed I didn't to respond to the promise to pay text, but I repeated that I payed full retail price and there was no promise to pay text.


                  The next day after I chatted with the agent I got an email that the order was cancelled.  Much later in the day I got a text about a problem and to call customer service, but by then the order was cancelled.   I contacted T-Mobile again to find out what happened, exactly.  T-Mobile couldn't tell me anything, but suggested maybe there was a glitch with the payment when the device was ready to ship.  I doubt it.


                  I ended up ordering the second device again and crossed my fingers, not knowing if I would wait five or six days again only to have the order mysteriously cancelled, not knowing why or how to make sure it doesn't happen again.   That is my big gripe.


                  In the end, the second time the device shipped almost right away and was delivered a few days after that.  It's great service when it works right.


                  Again, my complaint is with T-Mobile not being able to tell me what happened the first time with that order.  My only consolation is I am nearly certain it wasn't me.  Still, I wonder how often this happens to a customer, and T-Mobile customer service can't say what happened other than T-Mobile cancelled the order.


                  Just hoping this feedback helps someway for those ordering in the future.