iPhone XS low signal


    anyone here have issues with new iPhone Xs loosing signal or low bars?  my 8 plus has no issues with signal  am just wondering if this is a known issue?

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      • snn555

        Re: iPhone XS low signal

        This is a known issue.  Sources state a software fix is not the answer and that this is a hardware design flaw.  They are working on the issue and it spans all carriers.

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        • magenta6223055

          Re: iPhone XS low signal

          Thank you for the infornation I wasn’t aware of that but I will call T-Mobil.

          • kgiov

            Re: iPhone XS low signal

            Any update on this? I see these messages date back to last year, but I just got my XR in December and only recently started having this issue. Low bars, no network/data. I even seem to have problems when I have a lot of bars when I'm home - I can't tell if it's cell data or my WiFi, but I know that my data is getting used up pretty quickly every month, when I'm largely at home and it should just be using my WiFi - I have to make a point to turn off Cell Data, when I never had to before.