Band 71 coming to Phoenix?


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    I have noticed that parts of Arizona have received Band 71 and not Phoenix.  I am unable to find any updates on it after scouring for some time.


    Below I have included near the area I work and rarely have service (I cannot make or take a phone call with anyone because it will drop). My iPhone 7+ "LTE" coverage on app was 1.57 down, 0.04 up, 1.31 down, 0.0 up, 1.59 down and 0.0 up.  It did fail quite a few times to find a server. 


    I just received an iPhone XS Max today (hopeful the 4x4 antenna would help) and still have my 1 bar of LTE coverage (with it constantly switching to 4G).  I am now at 4.51 down, 0.05 up when I can get LTE, but mostly have 4G at 0.58 down and 0.20 up.


    Since there is really no coverage change between my 7+ and the XS Max, I am now debating on returning the XS Max and just waiting until Band 71 is released (if its coming).


    Lastly, it does seem that Qualcomm seems to hold a better signal vs Intel based on the iPhone 7 and iPhone X.  Which may sway me from iPhone to Pixel.


    Ultimately I am just trying to make a phone call and not have it drop and it seems like Band 71 may be the fix.


    Spectrum Gateway: T-Mobile 600 MHz deployment map


    20745 North Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale AZ




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