Is this the kind of service I can expect If I stay with tmo?


    My internet access has been reduced to a crawl and I'm on the unlimited plan at only 30G used so far. I try to call tmo and I have to wait over an hour on hold! Is this "normal" customer service? Over an hour of wait time? Is business so good you don't have enough people or is the company run so poorly that thousands of people are having problems all the time? Either way it seems time to hire some new reps.


    How could you possibly acquire verizon when you don't have the ability to handle the work load you already have?


    As a new customer, why would I want to continue with this service? Fortunately I was not roped into a buying a new phone. I see no reason to stay with Tmo, none whatsoever.

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      • cabomix

        Wow! I hear you! This is like the lamest rant, but  I hear you. I have been a customer since 2012, and if I had to wait for an hour to talk to someone I'd be super pissed. I never, ever, ever had to wait that long to talk to someone at T-mobile, particularly because if they are super busy they offer to call you back as soon as is your turn. But also I never used 10 or 20 or 30Gb, I can't, I live in an area with limited service, I use my phone for calls and text and navigate the web a little, but I don't have the luxury of gigs and gigs of data. People who live near the far away antenna tower I get to use, keeps bumping me off and slowing down my connection, so they can use their deca-gigs of data probably torrenting. The de-prioritization you are experiencing is of your own  making, you are sucking gigs of data that people like my would like to use every now and then but because you live closer to that antenna I get nothing! We have 4G LTE with natural and physical limitations, when those limitations are reached the service has to be re-balanced for fairness. So you'll be doing us all a favor if you leave T-mo. Sure, unlimited is a marketing gimmick, but down here on earth you mental participation of reality is necessary. I can't wait for 5G, so we all can have that utopical unlimited, but in the meantime get your head out of the sand.

        • tmo_amanda

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          That's an abnormally long time to be on hold and I'm not sure what was going on that caused such long hold times. You also have the option of working with T-Force over Facebook or Twitter along with chat options found here:  Contact Us. Have you given that a shot yet? If this is only happening in a single location or during a specific time frame, it may be the tower or your data may be being deprioritized. I can't say for sure without knowing more details but T-Force or our tech team are the right ones to get in contact with to figure that out.