Paperless vs. "e-bill"


    Can someone describe the effective difference between a "paperless" bill, where the

    balance and duedate are basically SMSed to me, vs an "ebill" that gets sent over to

    my bank's online payment system with the same info, where I'd pay it from anyway?

    When I set up T-Mo as a payee, I get the option to "receive e-bills", but trying to do

    so gets rejected by T-Mo as "ineligible".


    This is all for a post-pay account.


    The offshore support is 100% clueless on this, and puts me on hold for 20 minutes

    "waiting for a supervisor" and then hangs up on me after they think I've taken

    enough punishment.  Liars...

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      • snn555

        Re: Paperless vs. "e-bill"

        From the way I understand it paperless billing is just that you don't get a paper bill in the mail. You might get a text message saying your bill is ready to be paid and then you can view it through the website or T-Mobile app.


        Electronic billing might be if you have your bill set up to to Auto draft from your bank since you can have T-Mobile as a payee.

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        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Paperless vs. "e-bill"

          I think snn555 gave a really good explanation. Did you have any other questions about the differences? Please let us know.