Voicemail doesn't show up until I restart phone, then a bunch come in.


    Hey all.


    Yeah, so I'll go days and not get a voicemail, then I restart the phone and several come in, some many days old.


    I've started missing important voicemails from work and things.


    Android, motoX4, generic unlocked.


    Any suggestions?

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      • tmo_amanda

        Yikes! That's never good, magenta2744506!


        Let's see if we can get this figured out.


        • Are you using visual voicemail (VVM) on your MotoX4?
        • How long has this been going on?
        • Do you notice that the voicemails only arrive when you get to a certain area or does location not matter?
        • Do you have any issues with incoming/outgoing calls or texts?
        • Have you tried your SIM in a different device to see if voicemails are received sooner or without restarting your phone?


        Sorry for all of the questions but this will help me get a better picture of why this is happening.

        • generic12345

          I have this exact same problem!  Any help would be appreciated.

          This has been going on a long time - maybe always with this phone.  New voicemails only appear when the phone is restarted - no other time.  Location does not matter.  No issues with incoming or outgoing texts.

          • bbaker85

            I have been having the same problem with my IPhone 8. I get sporadic voice mails. Sometimes I have to restart my phone for them to come through. I started noticing this happening when I was missing a bunch of texts from a group text I have with some coworkers. I restarted my phone and then a bunch of missed voicemails came through. I hadn't done the ios updated so I figured that would help the issue, but it didn't!!! I have been looking at forums online and it seems to be an ongoing issue. I reset my network settings (as suggested on one of these forums) and it still has not helped. VVM is set up on my phone, but this issue is recent. I sometimes have problems with connecting to a game I play saying "cannot connect to network. Check network settings" My WiFi is off!! I should be using data so that should not be an issue. It never has before!! I restart my phone and then it works and a bunch of voicemails come through too. What is going on? Area is not a factor as I have been in the same place for 2 years and this has never been an issue. I thought it was the new phone, but based on all the chatter it happens to a lot of people. If there is a resolution to this please let me know. I can not be missing important voice mails!