Since 10/01/2018 have got a poor internet connection


    Hello T-Mobile,


    Since 10/01/2018 I've got a big trouble with internet on my iphone - It shows only 1-2 bars and is switching between 4G and LTE.

    Moreover, I could have check speed test, but internet is too slow to open speed test sites.

    What I've already done:

    1. Update the device software to the latest version.

    2. Restart the device twice or more times.

    3. Remove SIM and re-insert it back.

    4. Check my plan that is not outdated.

    5. Check coverage by my current location that's Excellent.


    My location is NY 10199 or 10022, but it doesn't matter wherever I am, poor internet connection persists.

    Thanks in advance.

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