No email notifications with Galaxy S9 using stock apps


    I recently purchased a Galaxy S9 and cannot seem to get any email notifications (sounds, or badges) using either the Gmail email app or the Samsung email app. A couple of third party apps DO work (Outlook and Hotmail Email). I have checked all notification settings and everything seems ok, but still no notifications.


    Message notifications DO seem to work though.


    Any ideas?

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      • magentatechie

        Hello there! I'm sorry your new phone is behaving poorly.  Have you tried clearing the cache and data for the email apps causing the issue?

        • jay968

          For anyone interested, I have figured out what the problem was --


          Turns out that I had "Data Saver" turned on to try and help save battery life. In doing so, background apps such as the Gmail app could not do any tasks in the background when the phone was in sleep mode. As soon as I would open the phone up and go into Gmail, the emails would download but I got no notifications prior to doing that because Gmail just could not work in the background. The fix was NOT to turn Data Saver off, as this would allow other apps to run in the background when they weren't needed, but to keep it turned off instead and designate Gmail as one of the apps that had permission to run in the background even with Data Saver working.  This took me 2 weeks to figure out, but everything is working as it should now.

          This is one of the major problems with this phone, and the reason I really do not like it. There are just way too many layers and layers and layers of menu options and adjustments, many of which have no descriptions and no easily recognized purpose. I have had the phone for about 2 weeks now and hardly a day has gone by where I haven't had to spend sometimes hours searching the internet for answers to puzzles and issues that come up. I just think Samsung overdid it with this phone (don't know about others as this is the first Samsung I have owned). And the icing on the cake just has to be that even though there are seemingly endless options to customization and to be able to do whatever you want with this phone, the biggest problem with it is that at least on Tmobile you cannot turn off the awful HD voice. There is just no way to do so, and it just sounds horrible on most calls. It is clearly not ready for prime time...please Samsung if you're listening, allow this awful feature to be turned off, and I DON'T mean by rolling the connection back to 3G/2G in order to do so, which totally defeats the purpose of purchasing an $800 LTE phone.

          • jay968

            >>>>but to keep it turned off<<<<


            Meant to say "but to keep it turned ON"