Cell Phone signal booster kits? see other network but cannot even make emergency phone calls


    NEED TO REPEAT LTE SIGNAL found myself stranded in a bucket of a man lift 50 feet in the air with no means of calling for help or even 911. Strange but at the top of a ridge at my farm I have full bars but the moment i am no longer line of sight I loose coverage after walking down hill 50 meters, unfortunately the house is 500 meters downhill. I can see other network providers but i cannot even dial 911 for emergency services for some reason. I thought 911 could be accomplished from a cellphone without a GSM card even. Sorry for all the questions but one more... on Amazon I see a $300 dollar setup called Fusion For home, would this permit me to use a directonal antenna instead of the dipole and face it down hill for a focused beam to the areas where i find myself most often?

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