iPhone 6s no Cellular connection past two days


    Not sure what happened but I can't get cell reception these past two days. It started Monday evening when I started driving back home from work.
    I can't make phone calls or send texts (sms). Wifi Calling works fine and I've been relying on it since last night.


    My iPhone is running iOS 12 and didn't have any problems leading up to yesterday. I did network resets and re-installed iOS 12 per Apples recommendation. They believe its a carrier issue of some sort, so I am posting here.


    What seems to happen is that my phone will try and stay on LTE for a few seconds to a minute and then drop down to Edge or GPRS.
    As soon as that happens after a few seconds it just goes to No Service. I'm showing 3-4 bars before disconnects happen on LTE. Then cell reception drops to 1 bar or no signal.


    This happens both indoors and outdoors in the SoCal area. My commute to work is ~60 miles and both yesterday and this morning I could not get service. It would show 1-2 bars of LTE then sporadically switch between no service and EDGE. There was a stretch of highway along Interstate 10 this morning where my girlfriend was able to call me and my reception lasted for a few minutes before it cutout. Whenever I try to make calls all I get is a blank tone. Starting a phone call will also make my service dropout to no service. The same happens if I try to send a SMS.


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