Galaxy S7 Edge stuck in infinite restart loop


    Hey all.  I've searched high and low and couldn't find a fix for this.  Today I replaced my battery.  I went to turn it on and now it's never ending restarting.  The only screen that's showing up is the "Samsung Galaxy S7 edge" "powered by android" screen.  It will pop up for a few seconds, then go black then back to the same screen.  When I put the old battery back in, the issue is still there.  This issue did not exist before I replaced the battery.  I've tried Safe Mode as well.  Any ideas?  Thanks.

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      • magentatechie

        Yikes, I hate bootloops.  The same happened to my G4 a while back and it's terribly frustrating.  Have you tried putting your phone into the recovery menu and performing a factory reset?  You could try wiping the cache partition initially to see if you can resolve the issue without doing a full wipe.


        To get into the recovery menu, when the device is in the process of rebooting, just when the screen goes black and before any logos appear, press and hold the Volume UP and HOME buttons.  Then press and hold the POWER button as well.


        When the Android logo displays, release all keys.  You will use the Volume UP and DOWN to move the highlight over to either "Wipe Cache Partition" or "Wipe Data/Factory Reset" (depending on which you are trying at the moment), then press the POWER key to select.


        After either function, you will press the POWER key again while "Reboot System Now" is highlighted to reboot the phone.


        It might be a little tricky getting into the menu while it's in the process of bootlooping, but I'm sure you can manage it.

        • tmo_mike_c

          Sorry to hear your phone's been stuck like that. Were you able to get it to respond enough to reset it? If not, replacing it might be the next step. Please keep us posted on this.

          • tmo_amanda

            Hey, jschmitt88!


            Are you still stuck on the recovery booting screen? Fingers crossed that you aren't, but if for some reason you are, you may be looking at a warranty exchange (if your device is eligible).