What's wrong with my Call Log?


    I heard a beep on my phone a couple of seconds ago, pulled down the Alerts screen and saw that I had a Voicemail message.


    This despite the fact that the Green Phone Icon had no little number in the top hand right corner to tell me anyone had called me.


    I pulled up my Call Log, on my phone, and there are no phone calls coming in, from anyone, listed for the last two days.  And I know that a couple of days ago I deleted like 7 voice mail messages that I didn't know I had, either, so I know that my voicemail was empty at that time.


    So, I tapped the button to call Voicemail, and it turned out I had three voice mail messages.


    I'm never told by the Voicemail voice when a call came in - which is another frustration.


    So here's my question.


    How can I have incoming calls that do not show up on the green phone icon with a little yellow number?  (I just called myself from another phone number - the phone rang and I got that little yellow number(.


    And how can my Call Log not show that I had any phone calls in the last two days when I clearly must have had some?


    And more urgently, what can I do to fix this problem?

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: What's wrong with my Call Log?

        Hi, magenta6496196!


        This is super strange but not unheard of. It's possible that the call went directly to voicemail instead of ringing then going to voicemail. If that's the case, you wouldn't have a missed call notification but instead only a voicemail notification. Did this happen at home? Were you connected to WiFi? Lastly, has this happened again within the past two days?

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: What's wrong with my Call Log?

          Has this call log issue been resolved? Please give us a reply and let us know.

          • hobbit

            Re: What's wrong with my Call Log?

            Were the voicemails from callers you know, or advertising?


            There's this insidious practice called "no-ring voicemail broadcast" that some

            marketing companies are doing.  Ex: opencallcentre.org ... if you like seeing

            just how sleazy such people can get.  It requires a certain type of arrangement

            with the target telco(s), usually a server connected to the internet that the

            senders can dump audio messages and recipient numbers straight into,

            that eventually gets to the voicemail server.  At least that's how I last

            understood how it worked; I haven't looked into this for a while.


            Hopefully T-Mo prohibits such practices and does NOT accomodate that

            nonsense, and what you saw was just a network hiccup that had you

            offline when people called...

            • gener

              Re: What's wrong with my Call Log?

              My call log on my phone stopped working as of Sept. 6th.  Is there a limit for this feature?  I do not want to reset this feature since I have a lot of scam numbers blocked and do not wish to repeat this action for numbers already blocked.